Fort Wolters, Texas

The food wasn't too bad, if you were hungry, you never complained, and you were always hungry.  It was a little hard eating at times though, especially in Pre-Flight, you had to sit at attention and there was a place for each piece of tableware.  You ate the way the TAC Officers instructed you.  You had to chew your food so many times, you had to eat one item at a time, you could not talk, you could not look around the room.  Forks, spoons were leaned on the plate from the right side. Knives across the top of the plate pointed toward you.  Candidates at each table ate together one bite at a time.   The officers already went through this during their OCS training and now it was our turn.

The photo on the left is from Grundy Day and it gives you an inside look at one of the mess halls.  This building was built during World War Two.

Then there was KP duty just like in Basic Training.

The mess halls on the "HILL" were better and the eating rules more relaxed.



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