This was the Officer's Way through Flight School

As an officer in the United States Army, the experience of flying and the skills to make it happen made you wish you were back at OCS (Officer Candidate School).  It was easier there.

Yes, we have been told that OCS was tough, long days and short nights. The rain, sleet, snow, mud, hunger was nothing compared to the challenge of HOVERING.

After the challenge of HOVERING a helicopter, the rest was easy!

With training completed at Fort Wolters, Primary Training was over and now on to Fort Rucker or Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF. Instrument Training, Contact (Huey Transition) and then to Tactics. Here is where the fun really began, Low level (tree top) contour flying, formation, NIGHT flying trying to navigate from one place to the next without visible ground reference points.

Graduation and into Army Aviation. BUT, when you get to your unit, you become a platoon leader, Executive Officer, Commanding Officer, Operations Officer. And you thought you were going to fly.... Believe it or not, most of you did, at first. 

The Flight Line

Flight Class photos from WWW.VHPA.ORG

Flight Class Photos for Officers

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